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Shot on the Bay St Louis in Mississippi. This was a simple exercise in editing four 360° video sequences with separate sound recordings. I’m stitching Samsung Gear 360 footage with free software that comes with the camera and editing in Adobe Premiere. Here’s what I’ve learned in terms of cutting on action.

When editing stitched footage, it’s important to reposition the image so that the subject or whatever you want the viewer to see first is within the center frame. That’s an easy fix when working with a more advanced program like Kolor Autopano Video Pro, which comes with a GoPro plugin for Adobe Premiere, to make simple adjustments to the tilt (X), pan (Y) and roll (Z) axis. With free software that’s not easy, you really have to understand the stitch line and where to position the camera for a perfect center subject. Another thing to consider when using the Samsung Gear 360, without the latest Galaxy phone there’s no way to preview the image. So after doing a quick search for standalone plugins that work with the latest Premiere, I found Skybox 360/VR Tools by Mettle ($189).

You can’t control where the person is going to look after the video starts playing, but you can reset framing with every cut. It’s possible to refine the user experience in a  360° experience by bringing them back to center or the intended framing when cutting on action.