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A documentary film about collaborative city-planning, Making Space is an independent feature that explores the rise of a new form of city planning where citizens play an active role in shaping their neighborhoods by contributing and prototyping ideas for public space.

We follow several San Franciscans whose individual efforts have led to meaningful changes to the physical landscape and planning processes of the city. This film is a celebration of possibilities and a reminder that each of us has the power to change the world. Directed & Produced by Jason Whalen & Rebecca Morehiser with the help of many others.

Madeline Behrens-Brigham is an artist and long-time resident of Hayes Valley. This is an excerpt of her advocacy, with local residents, for the removal of a double-deck freeway that was damaged by 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

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Studio Show! A Retrospective is a documentary on the artist Jackson McLean. The story follows the making of his final Big Red Head, two days before the annual Studio Show. Each year collectors, close family, and friends are invited into the studio for demonstrations and an evening sit down feast. It’s a tradition that is still going on to this day (Oct. 2015). During my stay at the artist’s home (his studio was in back barn), we made three micro-shorts to illustrate what was captured each day. The series of shorts were released on the days leading up to the Oct. 2011 Studio Show.

Jack McLean passed on February 20th, 2017. This short was shared with family and friends in memory of Jack.

Creative Producer, Editor

This Place is an experimental 360° documentary short that captures a day-in-the-life of Edward Haik, the lone distiller of Cajun Spirits in New Orleans.

In 2010 two brothers, Gus and Edward Haik, opened Cajun Spirits Distillery in New Orleans. Gus handles the business side and Edward is in charge of production. Before this Ed was a teacher with no prior experience distilling. He has learned the process by doing. Save for the occasional visitor, Ed spends his days working alone inside a giant warehouse in a sparsely populated, industrial part of town. I have often wondered about the solitary nature of Edward’s work, and wanted to explore his process from that perspective. I have been exploring the limitations and possibilities that VR technology presents for documentary, and felt it would be the perfect medium through which to tell Ed’s story.

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Neighbors is a series of short films about individuals from various neighborhoods in San Francisco — structured partly as conversational interview, partly as documentary – Neighbors brings us into peoples lives in order to gain a deeper understanding of their influences on their work, their environments, and their community.

The format combines an interview with environmental portraiture. The concept for this project was to capture moments within the constraints of a real and honest 2-3 hour conversation.

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The week of the opening, I met with Jason Adams (The Kid) at his art studio in San Jose. It’s not easy for an artist to have someone in the room while they work, especially while finishing pieces for a solo show that opens that week. So we caught up outside the studio, before taking a walk through his artwork. Set up the mic with camera in hand off to the side and observed his experimental multi-layered process for the next hour. After the room filled with fumes from layers of paint on wood and 2 decks, we took a break for the interview.

This short was created in collaboration with the Pretty Pretty Collective gallery in San Francisco for his solo show “Kill Yourself Laughing”.

Creative Producer, Director

Hugh Leeman is a San Francisco based artist, best known for his works on the community within the Tenderloin. He works out of a studio apartment in the neighborhood. This was made in collaboration with The Bold Italic, complimentary to a photo essay written by Nicole Grant.

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