D A N C E (360°) is a proof of concept that explores the four quadrants of a 360 video experience. Dance with Laura Manning and Chance Bushman is an experimental 360° short that takes place in the Mandeville Wharf at Crescent Park, New Orleans. With 360° video, the audience has the ability to “direct” their view towards whatever interests them. So with that in mind I wanted to create an experience where the viewer is surrounded by movement. Placed in the middle of a dance performance, they can observe or become a participant in a way by dancing to the music.

The camera that I am using has two lenses, which provide a front and back 180° point of view (see above). With Laura on the front lens (0°) and Chance on the back (180°), I was able to capture the solo dance in a single recording. The camera was fixed on a tripod, so by rotating 90° the partner dance was captured in two recordings with front and then back lens. To create an experience for something like Cardboard, I thought it was important to hear the movement in Dance. I placed an H4 recorder below the tripod and out of view.